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Make data privacy a competitive advantage. Use synthetic data to unlock and accelerate your data operations.

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Data governance silos and regulatory constraints affect your ability to use data? Our solution anonymizes and removes data from the scope of regulations such as the GDPR,  reducing time it takes you to access from months to hours.


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Effectiveness in ML performance observed


Total of GDPR fines on synthetic data

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90% of companies stopped innovative projects due to data protection regulations.

Synthetic data is a barrier-free asset for enterprises, compliant for data retention, sharing, and secondary analysis. Finally make data available to run analysis projects safely.
A lack of access to high quality data is one of the reasons why only 13% of AI and ML projects go into production.

Teams that use high quality synthetic data can launch ML projects quicker, saving months of data request time, and improve model performance.
Each year, low quality data costs businesses around €13million.

Synthesization produces high quality data that is exempt from the GDPR. It can be freely shared, monetized and used to identify high ROI initiatives and create new revenue streams without compromising customer privacy.
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What can Statice do for you?

Quickly access highly granular data
Generate and access synthetic data in minutes without undergoing clearance systematically. Access and explore highly granular data without sacrificing utility.
Scale with your use-cases and data needs
Statice is a modular solution that scales with your use-cases. Configure deployment to fit your data pipeline, get the ideal interface for your users’ needs, and tune the synthesization to match your data context.
Accelerate your business
Unlock the bigger picture and deliver more value from your data. Easy access to synthetic datasets enables teams to use data compliantly for predictive analytics, customer and product insights, or business growth forecasts.
Invest in AI transparency
Stay on top of the evolution of legal AI frameworks. Statice's AI models are explainable and interpretable. You can investigate every component separately for greater transparency.
Reduce privacy breach risks
Synthetic data can protect your enterprise from the privacy and financial risks associated with data breaches. Reduce privacy risks with alternative data assets with higher data protection guarantees.
Future-proof your compliance
Statice solution meets the GDPR requirements for data anonymization. Simplify compliance and meet your legal and technical privacy needs with our risk evaluation features.

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“We have recognised the challenges companies face when dealing with their data and are constantly designing new strategies and tools for this purpose. Thanks to Statice’s technology and methodology for data anonymization, companies can mine their data treasures in a GDPR-compliant manner.”
Dr. Ulrich Störk, Chairman of the Management Board at PwC. Germany
"Statice's solution helped us conduct predictive analytics and test our hypotheses while keeping customer data secure. We have found it to be a useful solution for our data science team to simplify data access and focus on our data projects, machine learning model optimizations, and testing new ideas."
Dr. Sören Erdweg, Artificial Intelligence & Data Development at Provinzial