Synthetic data for the finance industry

Protect your customers, accelerate customer insights, unlock alpha-generating data sources, and leverage modern tools safely with Statice privacy-preserving synthetic data. 


Privacy-preserving data sandbox

Discover how Statice enables a large multinational bank to access their customer data more effectively for the purposes of enabling complex data processing without compromising their customers' privacy.

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How financial enterprises benefit

Modern technologies and technology-enabled business models are changing the way the financial industry operates. Safe, reliable, and efficient access to and usage of data underpins the success of  modern financial institutions, while machine learning and cloud computing offer unprecedented speed and scale. Statice enables this transformation, allowing stakeholders to create statistically representative, demonstrably private synthetic data. This means that enterprises can innovate faster, open new data-driven revenue streams, and safely collaborate with data. While financial data can be highly sensitive it can also be just as valuable. Statice enables banks and FinTechs to safely leverage sensitive data, saving time and unlocking new revenue streams.

Tailor products to your customers

Customer insights are key to developing personalized products and modern business models. GDPR and other privacy regulations make access to customer data both difficult and time consuming. Using Statice, you can create synthetic data which is highly representative, and safe to access and share, while remaining compliant to process for secondary use cases. By anonymizing customer data directly you add a strong safeguard for protecting your customers and enable quick and flexible data analysis - entirely compliant with modern data protection regulations. 

Enable the scalable use of cloud infrastructures

Compliance regulations often prohibit the use of cloud instances for data processing, which slows innovation and raises costs. Process synthetic data in cloud instances without ever putting sensitive data at risk and yet benefit from a scalable infrastructure. Privacy-preserving synthetic data enables the cost-efficient use of cloud resources for your company.

Engage in collaborative product development

Large companies work differently than agile startups, which means that partnerships can radically accelerate enterprise innovation. 
Sharing privacy-preserving synthetic data allows enterprises to work with innovative partners faster, and with less compliance overhead. Even sophisticated use cases such as the development of ML applications are possible on Statice synthetic data. Effectively protect sensitive data in order to share it with partners for collaborative use. 

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