Synthetic data for healthcare providers

Improve precision medicine, accelerate patient insights, and enable collaborative data sharing with Statice privacy-preserving synthetic data.

How to share medical data for research safely

Discover how Statice enables the mobile healthcare provider M-sense to share privacy-preserving health data for research purposes.

"Statice’s data privacy solution enables us to work together with our clinical partners to advance fundamental research on the causes of migraine and headaches while completely protecting the data of our users."

- Simon Scholler, Head of Research, M-sense
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How healthcare enterprises benefit

The digital healthcare revolution is in full swing, and data is the life-blood of the industry. Machine learning is helping to discover new diseases and refine new cures, personalized medicine is becoming a reality for more and more patients, and collaborative research across institutions and boards is the norm. Being able to use granular, statistically representative data is key to powering this change, and Statice enables institutions at the forefront of research, development, and patient care to work faster, safer and in compliance with strict regulations around privacy and data sharing. 

Enable collaborative medical research

Data privacy and specific health regulations make it difficult to collaborate on representative patient or disease data. Statice synthetic data retains a very high degree of statistical utility but protects the privacy of the individual patients. Share privacy-preserving data across entities for collaborative research as well as better and more complete patient and disease understanding.

Accelerate patient insights

Patient data is often difficult to access and process due to high costs, privacy concerns, and other legal restrictions. Avoid complex compliance processes by protecting your patient data with Statice. By anonymizing patient data directly you add a strong safeguard for protecting sensitive information and enable quick and flexible data analysis - entirely compliant with data protection regulations.

Improve precision medicine

Patient data is often difficult to access and process due to high costs, privacy concerns, and other legal restrictions. Customize treatment and disease prevention approaches to your patients with Statice’s statistically representative synthetic data. Provide the best suited care for patients and avoid long compliance processes. Leverage privacy-preserving synthetic data that provides the same statistical information as real-life data for building smart patient-focused applications.

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