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The Statice SDK
A toolkit for advanced users to  integrate synthetic data generation capabilities in your pipelines, add sanitization and anonymization features in your app, and let users share granular, compliant data.
Free trial
Programmatic and command-line interfaces
Unlimited number of users
Unlimited data volume
Fully customizable by your team
Flexible to integrate in modern and legacy data pipelines
Can utilize multiple CPUs or GPUs
Synthetic data generation
Data sanitization functionality
Privacy and utility evaluations
Licence starting at
3,990€ / month
The Statice platform
A platform to eliminate access barriers to data processing by generating synthetic data, sanitizing or anonymizing sensitive data, and sharing granular, compliant data from a user-friendly interface.
Free trial
Intuitive no-code multi-user web interface
Unlimited number of users
Unlimited data volume
Project dashboard
Allocation and management of user rights and roles
Data storage connectors
Synthetic data generation
Data sanitization functionality
Out-of-the-box privacy and utility evaluations
Licence starting at
4,990€ / month
Custom bundle
Are you looking for a bespoke solution? Combine our product packages or request a custom solution. Our team of experts will tailor a package to meet your needs.
Deployment & integration support
Use case and business case development support
Bespoke feature development
Multi-stage rollout
All the SDK features and capabilities
All the Platform features and capabilities
Custom price

Our Professional Services team supports your data journey

Need help getting started, scoping your internal use case, or providing support for your data users?  With us, you can get a variety of data services tailored to your needs.

From idea to implementation, our experts will support your data anonymization journey, simplify data access, and enhance data protection in your company.

We guarantee

Enterprise-grade security
Statice is ISO2700 certified and compliant with Fortune 500 enterprises' security requirements.
International support
Our support services cover CET to PET time zones in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
We release product enhancements and updates on a regular basis.
Our team of experts can support your data protection assessments.

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