We use a cutting-edge anonymization technology to ensure the absolute privacy of your data while always maximizing the data utility - or the accuracy of the bigger picture!



In order to continue utilising customer data, companies tend to anonymize their data in order to erase sensitive information. The problem is that traditional anonymization methods are often not sufficient to keep private information truly private. Recent cases show that simply merging various "anonymous" data sources can lead to the re-identification of individual people. This is why we go the extra step by introducing synthetic data.

Synthetic data makes it impossible for external parties to retrieve sensitive personal information as no original data is included in the synthetic dataset. A synthetic dataset consists of entirely new data points that completely preserve the statistical properties of the original dataset. Therefore, Statice minimizes the necessary loss in utility for optimal privacy.

You can easily visualize this by looking at the zoom-ins of the Mona Lisa to the left. While both zoom-ins look very different and are not identical, they both perfectly resemble the bigger picture - in this case the Mona Lisa.


Using synthetic data through Statice bridges shortcomings of other privacy tools and ensures the absolute privacy of your customers’ data. See below on how synthetic data through Statice compares to other privacy methods:

Properties Pseudonymisation K-Anonymisation Statice
Personal information is permanently deleted no yes yes
The combination of several datasets makes the re-identification of individuals possible no no yes
The statistical utility of the original data remains almost entirely the same yes no yes


Once you processed your data through Statice, you can use the data in many different ways.

  • BI Analysis

  • Predictions

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Externalization

  • Hackathons


Depending on your company’s internal processes and preferences, you can use our cloud service or implement statice directly within your infrastructure to process and handle your data - while always complying with international data privacy regulations.
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