Evaluate Statice for yourself

Many of our prospective clients like our live demonstration of the product, but often want to know "does this work for my use case?" If this is you, sign up below to receive evaluation kits consisting of public data sets, generated synthetic data, and pre-built evaluations. Of course, you're also free to evaluate the data however you like - show us what you've got!
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Receive your synthetic data evaluation package:

Relevant open data for your case

All Statice evaluation packages are based on open data sets relevant to specific industries we serve, including finance, healthcare and insurance. Should you have a specific request for evaluation, we would be happy to discuss a custom evaluation project with you.

Generated synthetic data

The package includes privacy-preserving synthetic data generated using the Statice data anonymization engine. You can analyze this data to see that the structure and statistical utility of the original data is generally maintained, while no original records are present.

Privacy and utility evaluations

The Statice software includes evaluation to help users understand the privacy and utility of the generated data. The evaluation package includes a selection of our standard evaluations, but feel free to run your own to understand if Statice is a good. fit for you. If you have questions, get in touch!