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Statice allows you to work with your customers’ data in a privacy-preserving manner by securely anonymizing it. This protects your customers and opens up new data-driven opportunities.

A tool for data privacy

Protect your customers

Effectively anonymize your sensitive customer data by creating synthetic data. Synthetic data preserves statistical properties of your data without ever exposing a single individual.

A tool for data collaboration

Share data with your partners

Allow your partners to access synthetic data where they couldn’t access data before. Share it with your partners and fuel data-driven innovation.

A tool for data compliance

Become a trusted partner

Synthetic data through Statice is entirely GDPR compliant. You never have to worry about the re-identification of a real person in your data. Use synthetic data to create trust - for your partners as well as customers.

How Statice works

Statice enables companies to freely collaborate on sensitive data without ever having to fear for their customers’ privacy.

Statice leverages cutting-edge privacy concepts together with synthetic data. This provides data with the highest degree of data privacy as well as a maximum in preserved data utility.

Choose your original dataset

Process your data with Statice

Generate new synthetic data

Share your synthetic data freely

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We are always happy to talk. Feel free to shoot us an email at hello@statice.ai in case you have any questions or would like to learn more. Or test Statice by requesting a free demo. We are looking forward to hear from you.