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Statice is an automatic data anonymization software that allows you to easily leverage and process existing or new personal data and ensures that no personal information is ever exposed. This happens through synthetic data. Synthetic data entirely anonymizes your customers data while preserving its statistical utility. Learn on how this works and how this can be useful for you.

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Statice outperforms traditional anonymization methods and thus allows you or third parties to easily work with sensitive information without ever touching the original data or exposing sensitive information. The main features of Statice are:

  • Automatic data analysis

    Statice automatically recognises the statistical properties of your data without a single person to ever touch it.

  • Anonymization

    Statice effectively anonymizes your customer data by creating synthetic data from your data.

  • Privacy check

    Statice checks the synthetic data for double entries and makes sure that no single original data point is present in the new dataset.

  • Utility check

    Statice automatically compares the descriptive features of the synthetic dataset to the original data to indicate the preserved data utility.

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Personal customer data has turned into the main source for scoping new business opportunities for any company. The GDPR coming into effect May 2018 implies significant changes on the handling of personal data. If your company is leveraging sensitive private data, you might lose a lot of flexibility in handling customer data and are obligated to provide entire transparency over the data usage and processing. 

Use our GDPR quick-check to see if you should act now to protect your customers’ data in order to avoid heavy fines imposed by the GDPR!

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