Privacy compliance for data exploration

Statice offers a data anonymization solution. We enable businesses to stay innovative with smart synthetic data. Our solution empowers companies to work with complex data in a privacy-compliant manner. Data-driven innovation of tomorrow starts with protecting data today. 



Protect your customers

Synthetic data generated by Statice is legally compliant according to the GDPR and other legal frameworks. By design, it mathematically guarantees protection against the re-identification of real individuals and other privacy attacks.



Preserved data utility

Effectively anonymize your sensitive customer data with synthetic data generated by Statice. Synthetic data preserves the statistical properties of your data without ever exposing a single individual. Statistical granularity and data structure is maximally preserved.



Accelerating data access

When using synthetic data generated by Statice, companies do not have to worry about re-identification of a real person. Using synthetic data creates trust for the partners as well as the customers. Statice accelerates the access to data without complex compliance processes.  


Media mentions

Weyer suggests another way - based on the method of machine learning. The algorithm learns statistical distributions, correlations and other statistical information from the original data set and uses this knowledge to generate a completely new artificial data pool.

Statice anonymizes user data so that businesses and industries can work with it while consumers are protected simultaneously.

The algorithm builds a model that understands what the data is and what relationships exist between the data-points. Once the model is trained, completely new synthetic data can be generated.

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Let's answer some questions.

What is synthetic data?

Synthetic data generated through Statice consists of entirely artificial and new data points and is guaranteed anonymous while resembling the statistical properties and structure of the original dataset. It possesses the following attributes:

  • Properties and statistical information of the original data are mirrored in the synthetic data
  • The data structure of the original data is retained unaltered in the synthetic data
  • It is impossible to identify real individuals in privacy-preserving synthetic data

What can my company do with synthetic data?

You can use the synthetic data for any statistical analysis that you would like to use the original data for. In essence, the idea of synthetic data is to be used just like real data - with the only exception of not providing sensitive information on real individuals.

Is synthetic data provided by Statice GDPR compliant and anonymous?

Yes, according to Data Protection offices in Germany, synthetic data with a privacy guarantee (such as provided by us) is seen as anonymous data and thus falls outside of the scope of the GDPR.

Can Statice guarantee the anonymity of the synthetic data?

Yes, we can. At the core of our software, we make sure to fulfill a mathematical privacy guarantee, which is called Differential Privacy.

Do we provide an on-premise solution?

Yes, our software is designed to be used on-premise and thus allows you to process your data locally without it to ever have to leave your infrastructure.