Statice is Now part of Anonos Data Embassy Platform

Statice's synthetic data technology is now part of Anonos Data Embassy, the award-winning data security and privacy solution.


Balance patient privacy and data innovation

Use synthetic healthcare data for sharing and analysis with higher privacy standards than traditionally deidentified patient data.

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Synthetic data for healthcare and pharma organizations


A safer way to anonymize
medical and patient data.

Poor data access hinders innovation, research, and collaboration for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

All the while, insufficient data protection mechanisms put patient privacy at risk.

Statice's synthetic health data is a safe, compliant, and efficient way to work with healthcare data while maintaining the highest level of patient privacy.

Fuel medical research, analyze patient data, and improve collaboration with ease.

Demonstrably private

Minimize privacy risks for patient data

GDPR requires anonymity for deidentified patient data. The use of data masking methods could expose your organization to fines and data disclosures in case of reidentification.

We offer differentially private data training combined with privacy risk evaluations to help you demonstrate the anonymity of your synthetic data. Use patient and health data for analysis and research while guaranteeing maximum security.

synthetic data healthcare
quality synthetic insurance data

Statistically sound

Scale analysis and research

Traditional de-identification methods reduce data utility, leaving you with low-grade or insufficient results unsuited for machine learning or analysis.

Synthetic healthcare data offers a statistical value similar to the original data. It's fit to use as a drop-in replacement for analysis and research.

Fast to generate

Reduce your  time-to-data

Internal governance and cybersecurity concerns hinder access to health data, which can be detrimental to research or sanitary crisis management efforts.

Synthetic data makes it quick to create large volumes of data for medical research, analysis, and machine learning, reducing the time it takes to share and access resources.

time to data synthetic insurance data

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“Statice’s data privacy solution offers the possibility to advance fundamental research while protecting users' data completely.”
Simon Scholler, Head of Research at Newsenselab.
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"We worked with Statice on a collaboration investigating the power of synthetic data. We're working to see how to utilize this power in a clinical data setting. We've identified several areas we are interested in, including software and testing, medical data insights, and data sharing."
Alex Hughes, Data Sharing Consultant at Roche
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Synthetic medical data
for healthcare and pharma

Unify patient data across jurisdictions

Exchange synthetic customer data internally and externally among local and international entities, enabling access to only relevant stakeholders.

Power data-driven research and innovation

Enable privacy-compliant secondary analysis of patient medical data for clinical trials, or to anticipate patient demands.

Enhance your datasets compliantly

Integrate third-party datasets and build revenue from data streams without putting patients' privacy at risk.

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