We empower businesses to stay innovative with privacy-compliant data 

Discover data insights with
data anonymization

Anonymous data generated by Statice comes with a privacy guarantee, making it GDPR compliant and ready to use. We unlock the potential of data insights for our clients while preserving the privacy of their customers.

Anonymous data generated by Statice can be used for customer insights, product development, collaborative research, and much more.

“Statice is a catalyst for using data to build smart home applications, while respecting the GDPR and the privacy of the consumers. Legal constraints make it difficult to use data for secondary analysis and product tests, but the Statice software allows companies to do both effectively in a privacy-preserving way. Statice's software is revolutionary as it opens up so many opportunities that would have been lost otherwise.”

- Daniel Hernstein-von Glahn, Head of Data Protection  
Share data safely with partners

Use Statice to effectively protect sensitive data in order to share it with partners for collaborative use. Share privacy preserving data to unlock unknown connections and correlations that can lead to new industry insights. 

Build machine learning applications

Leverage synthetic data by Statice to train your machine learning models with the same accuracy as when using real-life data. This opens the use of unlocked data sources for more intelligent product development.

Accelerate business insights

Avoid complex compliance processes by protecting your sensitive data with Statice. By anonymizing the sensitive data directly you add a strong safeguard for protecting your customers and enable quick and flexible data analysis - entirely compliant with data protection regulations.


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