Statice is Now part of Anonos Data Embassy Platform

Statice's synthetic data technology is now part of Anonos Data Embassy, the award-winning data security and privacy solution.


Synthetic data software for faster data operations

An enterprise-level synthetic data tool that eliminates access barriers to data processing in a matter of minutes.

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synthetic data software


Make your enterprise projects more agile
with synthetic data

synthetic data software

The Data Embassy Platform

An on-premise cloud-native data security and privacy platform to cover the full spectrum of data protection.

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synthetic data software

The Data Embassy SDK

A programmatic interface to integrate data classification, synthetic data, simulation, de-identification, risk assessment, and many other privacy-enhancing technologies in your workflows.

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Synthetic data generation

Make your data accessible for insights

Having trouble gaining access to sensitive enterprise data? Use Statice software to generate anonymized synthetic data and make it available within hours without affecting compliance.

synthetic data software generation

Fully synthetic data

Create new, entirely artificial datasets using your original data.

Multiple table support

Synthesize relational datasets with multiple tables and time-series data types.

Unique deep learning approach
Benefit from state-of-the-art deep learning models that adapt to your data and use cases.

synthetic data software utility

Data usability preservation

Work with high-utility granular datasets

Do traditional protection methods strip your data of valuable information? Maintain statistical properties in your synthetic data and conduct analysis with the same quality results as you would with the original data.

High-order statistical properties reproduction

Keep all the statistical details of your original data, from marginal distributions to aggregate statistics.

Out-of-the-box utility evaluation

Compare original and synthetic data for differences in statistical relationships and properties.

Machine learning evaluations

Analyze how machine learning models perform on synthetic data vs. original data.

Privacy risks mitigation

Use data without sacrificing customer privacy

Removing sensitive attributes doesn't prevent reidentification or security breaches.
Integrate stronger, GPDR-compliant protection measures and make your customer's privacy a top priority regardless of the data operations you conduct.

synthetic data software privacy

Differential Privacy

Train your synthetic data using the most advanced privacy protection mechanism, and reduce the risk of reidentification.

Automatic PII detection

The PII detection mechanisms identify and treat PII columns like names, email addresses, credit card numbers, and IBANs with maximum security.

Privacy evaluation

Utilize our out-of-the-box reidentification risk assessment tools to verify that your synthetic data is safe from known privacy threats.

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Synthetic data, real value
for all stakeholders

For data managers

Limit data disclosure by exposing anonymized synthetic assets to the appropriate stakeholders.

For data scientists

Easily generate and use synthetic data without undergoing clearance systematically.

For security and DPOs

Analyze and document the privacy risks and disclosure levels of synthetic datasets using the Risk Assessment materials.

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Here's what our partners say:

“We have recognised the challenges companies face when dealing with their data and are constantly designing new strategies and tools for this purpose. Thanks to Statice’s technology and methodology for data anonymization, companies can mine their data treasures in a GDPR-compliant manner.”

Dr Ulrich Störk, former Chairman of the Management Board at PwC

Your synthetic data project in 4 easy steps

synthetic data software installation

We offer flexible deployment options to fit each company’s specific needs. Pick the interface of your choice to access synthetic data generation capabilities. Install our Platform or integrate our SDK directly into your server or cloud infrastructure. The data never leaves your premises.

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synthetic data software autonomous

Generate synthetic data in a matter of minutes, thanks to our pre-processing automation features. Use automatic data types detection to save time. Our engine automatically picks the best model during the learning phase to ensure high-quality synthetic data based on your original data.

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synthetic data software evaluation

Depending on your use cases, data utility and privacy will be of different importance. Within our software, you can use out-of-the-box evaluations to compare the quality and privacy of your synthetic datasets to your original dataset. Recommendations help you improve the synthetic data utility and protection level.

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synthetic data software sharing

Use synthetic data as a drop-in replacement for your data analysis, share it internally with data stakeholders or externally with partners without compromising compliance. 

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