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case study

Newsenselab anonymized over 17000 user symptom data points with Statice

Read this case study to learn how the Newsenselab team could make medical data available for research without breaching the privacy of their application's users.

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case study

Privacy-preserving machine learning in insurance

Read how Swiss insurance company la Mobilière implemented privacy-preserving machine learning to future-proof its data operations, adding a new tool in their digital transformation toolbox.

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Drive agility and unlock the value from your data with Statice

Get an overview of Statice in this one-pager. Learn about the need for privacy-preserving technology and how the Statice Software can help businesses.

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White paper

The ROI of
privacy-preserving synthetic data

This guide provides an overview of where privacy-preserving synthetic data can bring value to the organization.

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White paper

Technical white paper:
the statice software in-review

This technical white paper presents everything you need to know about the Statice software. From the synthetic data generation process to the enterprise features, we cover every technical aspect of our product.

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Case study

Testing synthetical clinical data for innovation in healthcare with Roche

Learn the data challenges in the healthcare industry and our collaboration with Roche to test the use of synthetic medical data for clinical research.

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