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Open-source or commercial vendors?

Synthetic data generation: A guide to buying vs. building

Want to start your synthetic data project but don't know where to begin? Considering developing your solution with open-source tools or buying commercial software? This guide is for you.  

The guide summarizes the essential factors to consider when starting a synthetic data project. On the basis of five years of observations in the field, we provide an overview of the essential phases and scenarios that should drive your decision.

In addition, we offer a cost simulation for a given synthetic project and an overview of open-source tools.

Interested in a shorter version of the guide? Read our blog post here.

What you will learn

  • The key differences between open-source synthetic data tools and commercial solutions.
  • An overview of synthetic data open-source tools.
  • The key aspects of a typical synthetic data project and how they impact the choice of a solution. Plus, synthetic data project cost estimates for building and buying. 
Synthetic data generation: Open source or commercial vendors? A guide to building vs. buying
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