About Statice

We build data anonymization solutions to help companies to derive value from sensitive data while minimizing privacy risks.

The story behind Statice

Omar Ali Fdal, Mikhail Dyakov, and Sebastian Weyer founded Statice on two beliefs. First, the organizational ability to extract insights from data would be critical to innovate. Second, organizations would need new tools to mitigate privacy risks properly and derive value from data processing.

Theys resolved to build reliable privacy solutions to support enterprises' data strategies and digital transformation, and launched Statice in 2018.

Two years after raising its first seed round in 2019, Statice received an investment from PwC Germany to support its expansion. Today, Statice counts more than 20 customers worldwide, supported by a growing team.

They support us

Our mission

We are on a mission to bring data agility back to the enterprise and help enable organizations to safeguard individuals' privacy.

Our team

We are a team of innovation-driven entrepreneurs, privacy professionals, software engineers, and data specialists, working together to build best-in-class privacy solutions for the enterprise.


Omar Ali Fdal
Mikhail Dyakov
Chief Technical Officer
Marcus Hartmann
Managing director

Team Members

Andrey Krisanov
Senior Back-end Engineer
Arslan Yaseen
Business Development Manager
Beatrice Milik
Business Development Representative
Benjamin Nolan
Head of Business Development
Borbála Tasnádi
Data Scientist
Dr. Christoph Wehmeyer
Senior Data scientist
Dr. Marc Leutsch
Data Protection Officer
Dr. Matteo Giomi
Privacy researcher
Elise Devaux
Digital Marketing Manager
Emna Amor
Machine Learning Engineer
José Pedro Valdés Herrera
Data scientist
Minh Le
Finance & Operations Lead
Pedro Sá
Software engineer

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We’re headquartered in the district of Schöneberg, in Berlin.

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