We believe in data

In an information-driven world in which the amounts of data will continue to increase at a pace that is unfathomable for the human mind, we believe in the positive impact of data on the progression of our society.

We believe in ability of the collective intelligence to bring amazing data-driven ideas to reality  and support our everyday lives. Our focus is to empower and foster collaborative innovation by connecting great minds with the right data to fuel their creative power.

With this believe it is ever more critical to leverage technology as a means for good, meaning ethically and morally sustainable innovation. At the very core of this information driven world lies the individual user, a human being with a personal identity, interests, motivations, emotions, and actions that are continuously becoming transparent.

While some degree of this transparency is necessary to enable companies to innovate and offer users new and better products, services, and experiences, we are walking a fine line between innovation for the greater good and compromising an individual’s personal life. Statice is the safeguard of the individual’s privacy and technological enabler for companies to unlock the true potential of their data.

We believe in data and we believe in privacy.


Meet the Statice team. We are a group of engineers, data scientists and business guys with a strong interest in connecting great minds with relevant data to accelerate the development of amazing services.

Sebastian Weyer

Co-founder & CEO

Mikhail Dyakov

Co-founder & CTO

Omar Ali Fdal

Co-founder & CDO

Tatiana Mamaeva

UX Designer

Christian Schwöbel

Data Scientist

Rafael Schultze-Kraft

Data Engineer


We are fortunate to rely on the support of industry experts with experience in consulting, digital health, data privacy, and product development.

Bastian Bergmann

Bastian is  the founder of 12traits.
Prior to this, he founded and ran the Berlin-based company builder WATTx and worked as a consultant at BCG.

Dr. Max von Grafenstein

Max von Grafenstein is head of the research program »Governance of Data Driven Innovation« at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG). He is also a lawyer, partner at iRights.Law and runs the legal tech startup INNOVATION AND LAW.


Join Statice to work on an amazing challenge and actually work on cutting-edge technology. If you do not see a suitable position you can always get in touch with us directly by sending an email to sebastian@statice.ai.

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