Statice is Now part of Anonos Data Embassy Platform

Statice's synthetic data technology is now part of Anonos Data Embassy, the award-winning data security and privacy solution.


How Statice works

Statice understands your data and generates synthetic data which behaves like real data

What is the Statice software?

The Statice software generates new synthetic data consisting of new data points while reflecting the real data in its structure and statistical properties. Synthetic data generated by Statice can be used just like real data, but in a legally compliant manner.

Read more about what synthetic data is and how it works here.

Two interfaces for flexible and easy integration

Programmatic interface

Statice could be used as a usual Python library. This is the most flexible way to integrate synthetic data into an existing data pipeline.

Application interface

Alternatively, we ship Statice with the CLI wrapper and pre-packaged dependencies.

How Statice works in 4 steps


Install Statice

Install Statice as a python library or standalone application. We provide a python package, executable, docker and major cloud providers images for you to use.


Statice understands your data

Statice will analyze your data and detect the datatypes, shapes and dependencies. Statice comes with a special plugin system which allows integration of various custom datatypes, specific to your business, such as IBAN and phone numbers.


Statice trains a model and generates synthetic data

In this step, Statice knows how to map your data to the internal datatypes needed to train a set of generative models we developed. There's a lot happening at this stage: data encoding, structural learning, hyperparameter optimization, model fitting and synthetic data sampling.


Statice evaluates the privacy and utility of the new data

Now the synthetic data is ready to use. Additionally, Statice will evaluate the utility and privacy of the newly generated data. The software generates a report with different evaluation methods: from simple statistical checks to the machine learning evaluations and simulated privacy attacks.

Advantages of using Statice

Statice is based on state-of-the art machine learning and privacy research, which enables businesses to explore data while staying privacy-compliant according to modern privacy laws.


Data never leaves your premise

On-premise integration of Statice gives you full control of the data, as it never leaves your data center.

Unlock access to sensitive data

Statice generates privacy-preserving synthetic data, which can be freely shared across your organization, while staying compliant.

Flexible integration in your data flow

Statice is implemented as a library and command line application, which makes it easy to integrate into your existing data flow.

Built to scale

Statice can handle large amounts of data. Statice has a proven success record of processing data sets with tens of millions entries and over 5000 dimensions.

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