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Statice's synthetic data technology is now part of Anonos Data Embassy, the award-winning data security and privacy solution.


Statice receives the Handelsblatt Diamond Award for the best innovation in banking & fintech.

Berlin, 07 September 2022

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Berlin, Germany - 6 September 2022 | The Berlin-based AI startup Statice, specializing in privacy-preserving technology, has been honored with the Handelsblatt Diamond Award in the category of best innovation in banking & fintech.

As our society transforms digitally, the financial industry continues to face critical obstacles: fraud mitigation, complex legal frameworks slowing data-based research, development, and collaboration, as well as limited access to high-quality data.


The Berlin-based startup Statice was founded in 2018 to develop reliable data protection solutions and support companies in their data strategy and digital transformation. The company developed an enterprise-grade synthetic data solution that removes barriers to data access for organizations that need to derive insights from sensitive data while mitigating privacy risks for their customers. 

The Handelsblatt Diamond Award for Best Innovation in Banking & Fintech recognizes innovative and forward-thinking projects that transform  banking and fintech industries. 

The prize was awarded by a prominent, independent jury of scientists and fintech professionals on Wednesday as part of the Handelsblatt Bank Summit 2022 in Frankfurt. The award recognizes Statice's state-of-the-art synthetic data solution for the financial sector, which enables organizations to unlock the value of data while meeting privacy regulations and bridging the gap between technology and business excellence. 

Statice CTO
Omar Ali Fdal , CEO at Statice

We're incredibly honored to receive “The Best Innovation in Banking & Fintech Award” from one of Germany's most respected media publications," said Omar Ali Fdal, CEO of Statice.  “I would like to thank the jury for recognizing Statice's work in enabling a more responsible and innovative data-driven future where privacy is the standard rather than a constraint. I am grateful to our talented team. Their dedication and effort over the past years helped us build a widely usable, reliable, and trusted data privacy solution that demonstrates that privacy compliance and agility can go hand-in-hand”.

In the banking industry, synthetic data enables data-driven innovation while safeguarding individual privacy, and Statice is leading the way

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Evgeniya Panova

Content lead 

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