Statice is Now part of Anonos Data Embassy Platform

Statice's synthetic data technology is now part of Anonos Data Embassy, the award-winning data security and privacy solution.

How businesses can benefit from privacy-preserving synthetic data

On-demand webinar

55 minutes

Protecting personal information should be a core value for organizations, businesses, or governments. But how exactly can privacy be defined and how can it be guaranteed? And how can enterprises leverage data while preserving privacy? Our experts cover all of these topics in this webinar.

Have you run into challenges with data usage in your organization? Do you want to enable your teams to conduct privacy-preserving data science? Do you want to build new data-driven revenue streams? Sign up for our webinar to find out how your business can benefit from synthetic data and unlock the value of your data.

Key takeaways

  • Learn about the concept of privacy and the limitations of traditional privacy protection methods;
  • how synthetic data can help data teams tackle internal data restrictions;
  • and real-life applications for privacy-preserving synthetic data.


Ben Nolan, Head Of Business Development

Ben heads up commercial efforts at Statice. He works with Statice's partners to help them overcome their data access and privacy challenges with privacy-preserving synthetic data. He gets excited about data-driven innovation and has spent the last 8 years working in data focussed startups and scaleups.

Omar Ali Fdal, CDO at Statice

Omar is leading the data science and research efforts of Statice. Before Statice, Omar co-founded a B2B carpooling company across cities and spent four years working at Amadeus IT Group in France. He also spent four years working at Amadeus IT Group in France. Omar values knowledge and ensures that Statice continues to stay at the forefront of research and innovation.

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