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A list of events and resources for Data Privacy day 2021

Elise Devaux

On January 28th, the world will celebrate Data Privacy Day, a national day initiated in 2007 by the Council of Europe. This date marks the signing of Convention 108 in 1981 in Europe, the first legally binding international instruments dealing with privacy and data protection.

Every year, Data Privacy Day is the opportunity to raise awareness around data privacy and the protection of personal information. It is a time to reflect, educate and promote the regulations, technologies, and actors that contribute to data privacy worldwide. 

In this article, we bring you a list of events and resources on the topics of data privacy and protection!

European Data Protection Day 2021 

Under the German Presidency of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers, Europe is celebrating the 40 years of Convention 108. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building, and Community organizes an online event with a series of talks and panels with international experts and European representatives. [Registration required]

IAPP Virtual Data Privacy Day Celebrations

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) hosts a series of virtual events worldwide in association with the Stay Safe Online. Join professionals from all over the world to discuss upcoming privacy changes in your region. [Registration required]

World Bank Data Privacy Day

The World Bank is hosting a virtual day of conferences and panel discussions with international experts, regulators, and technology leaders, putting the accent on organizations' role in data protection.

European regulations on data privacy

The European Commission has made available exhaustive material on protecting the personal information of European citizens. You can read about what enterprises and organizations must do or which rights citizens are entitled to. See also the EC factsheet on taking control of your virtual identity or the self-assessment checklist for organizations made by Canadian DPAs.

Online courses and lectures on data privacy and security

Many platforms offer classes on data privacy, compliance, and big data, for example, Coursera, edX, or futurelearn. Plenty of resources also exist on video sharing platforms. You can find great lectures such as:

Resources on Differential Privacy

Differential privacy is considered a state-of-the-art concept in the field of data privacy. Governmental authorities and companies are using this algorithmic constraint to preserve individual's privacy when sharing data. You can read Cynthia Dwork and Aaron Roth's extensive work on the subject or follow this series of online lectures. For a non-technical introduction, we recommend this paper.

pseudonymization vs anonymization
Resources from international organizations on data privacy and protection

You will find many useful and insightful documents on the resource portals of privacy and security organizations. The Future of Privacy Forum, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or the IAPP offer a great deal of information on the topic of data privacy to use in your everyday life or within your organization. 

Community and news on #DataPrivacyDay hashtags on social media

You can share your best practices and resources on social media with the hashtags #DataPrivacyDay, #DPD2021, or #PrivacyAware during the events.

See resources from Statice

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