Statice is Now part of Anonos Data Embassy Platform

Statice's synthetic data technology is now part of Anonos Data Embassy, the award-winning data security and privacy solution.


Level Up: Capnamic and WestTech join the Statice mission

Ben Nolan

We are excited to announce today that we’ve closed a seven-figure seed funding from Capnamic Ventures and WestTech Ventures. Since we started building Statice, we have been working relentlessly to support our customers in protecting their sensitive data and enable impactful data-driven use cases.

We strongly believe that data driven collaboration both within and between organizations is a key driver of development, innovation and revenue (if you feel the same, learn more here), and we’re excited to move forward in our mission to enable that with this new funding. We’re already moving, with several key hires in the pipeline, and some very exciting projects coming shortly with leading healthcare, finance and automotive companies both from within Germany and internationally.

This additional funding will allow us to grow the team and accelerate product development, and we’re excited to benefit from the experience that the Capnamic and WestTech teams bring to the table. Speaking of growing the team, we are hiring! If you are interested in joining our mission, feel free to have a look at our jobs page and get in touch.

Bye for now, and watch this space!

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