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Statice's synthetic data technology is now part of Anonos Data Embassy, the award-winning data security and privacy solution.


Statice and Panter enable data-driven innovation in Switzerland

Sanja Bjelica

Statice and Panter are entering a partnership to enable privacy-preserving data innovation within the Swiss corporate ecosystem.

Switzerland has long been known as a privacy-forward country, and despite relatively recent changes to comply with some international standards it is still well known for its strict privacy laws, making it a top destination for companies that provide strong privacy services. A guaranteed right to privacy is protected by article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution.

Statice and Panter found common grounds by recognizing that data privacy is a critical component of many production-ready data-driven products. Panter is a Swiss-based company that develops, operates and scales business-critical web and mobile applications. Companies of all sizes consult Panter for help with complex challenges about how to shape their digital products and services in a constantly evolving digital landscape. Panter is at the forefront of digital innovation and transformation thanks to its connections with the biggest startup ecosystem in Switzerland.

Statice is now on a mission to enable data-driven innovation by supporting Panter’s clients, which includes leaders in across industries. Through this partnership, Panter will become the implementation partner of the Statice data anonymization software in Switzerland.

Given Switzerland’s mature understanding of privacy-preserving innovation, we are pleased about the opportunity to contribute to the technological advancement of data privacy together with Panter.

The partnership is a result of the 2019 Kickstart acceleration program in Zurich. The Swiss program brings together established B2B ventures with corporations, foundations, universities and cities in order to foster innovation.

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