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Statice wins global prize for disrupting life science industries

Sanja Bjelica

Statice won the audience prize in the 2019 President’s Startup Challenge for innovating and transforming the life science R&D. 

The Pistoia Alliance is a global non-profit community of life science stakeholders that works to lower barriers to R&D innovation. The President’s Startup Challenge is an annual event committed to supporting informatics and technology focused startups aiming to impact the way life science R&D is performed. 

Each year, the Pistoia Alliance stakeholders search for an answer to the question: “which startups will disrupt our industry”, with the aim to impact innovation in life science research and development.

Mentoring from top 10 pharma companies 

This year, Statice won the audience prize worth $20,000, along with a six-month mentorship with industry professionals from companies including top ten pharma companies and other successful startups. 

Statice was competing with global startups from a range of themes including informatics based solutions, digital health focused offerings, emerging technologies and science. Five finalists were invited to pitch their solutions in Boston, USA. 

Dr Steve Arlington, President of The Pistoia Alliance, commented, “The productivity crisis that has challenged the pharmaceutical industry for many years shows no sign of easing. The Pistoia Alliance sees the startup community as a crucial resource to tackle this crisis, and we must support it and improve collaboration across the board. The President’s Challenge allows us to see first hand the innovation which is taking place inside these startups and align our projects with the technology of the future.” 

We are grateful for the recognition we received for our data anonymization solution and its impact on improving the life science industries. More importantly, we are looking forward to the mentorship program with top players from the pharma sector. 

For more information on how we can empower your healthcare or life sciences business, visit our healthcare industry page.

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