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Fighting the good fight: Statice data anonymization software for Covid-19 research

Sebastian Weyer

This blog post is written by Statice CEO, Sebastian Weyer. 

It’s a crazy time to be working on an early stage company, what with Covid-19 and the resulting economic impact causing global upheaval. At Statice, we’re lucky to have been remote-friendly for some time, so it has  not been a big change for us to go full remote. It has, however, definitely been interesting to see how some of our partners and clients have had to make big changes to make this brave new world keep on turning. So far the team is happy and healthy, and we’re keeping our heads down, doing our best to build technology solutions to enable privacy-preserving data science. 

But the same can’t be said for everyone, which is what this blog post is about. Right now, critical research is going on to try to solve or at least temper the chaos that Covid-19 is bringing us. It’s amazing to see the global community pulling together to try to beat this thing (Folding@home is a great example of this). But at the same time, if our experience working in healthcare and life sciences is representative, and I think it is, there will be teams struggling to get access to relevant data due to privacy concerns. 

Which is why as of today, Statice is offering our software for data anonymization free of charge to support research and development of solutions to detect, understand, or help treat Covid-19. 

If you or your team are working to access sensitive data for research, or make your data available to researchers, we’d like to help. The Statice data anonymization engine is an easy-to-use Python based software which most data scientists will be able to use quickly and easily. It’s GDPR compliant, and enables data scientists to create statistically useful synthetic data while preserving individual patient privacy. On our side, we’ll expedite any necessary paperwork, and make the software free for you to use for the duration of the Covid-19 related project. We’re also happy to offer expert support where we can in the installation, integration and usage of the software. 

If you need to unlock sensitive data for CV19 research, or you know someone who does, send them our way, or send them the form below. We’ll be in touch within 24hrs to get them started. 

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Stay safe,

Sebastian Weyer



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