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The future of Statice: what our partnership with PwC Germany means for our company

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Omar Ali Fdal

We announced earlier this month that PwC Germany has come on board Statice as an investor.  In this post, I'd like to share my take on what it means for Statice and key developments that we'll be making to benefit our customers and partners going forward.

Throughout our journey, we’ve been lucky to be supported by great investors and partners, including Capnamic Ventures, Westtech Ventures, and wattx, allowing us to reach this significant milestone. With this collaboration, Statice enters its next phase of development. It brings us additional resources and extensive knowledge and experience of the enterprise that will allow us to grow into a valuable partner for enterprises on their digital transformation journey. 


First, this investment will allow us to develop our team. For the last two years, an incredibly diligent 15-person team carried Statice's growth and development. Corona impacted us significantly last year, like many others, and taking our tight-knit team full-remote overnight wasn’t easy. With that in mind, I see what we've developed here at Statice in the last two years as a testament to our team's passion, talent, and grit.

The new resources will allow us to welcome new perspectives and expertise to our team. Our first new positions are already open. The result of this will be faster technical iteration, and ultimately a better experience for our current and prospective customers.

Growing our team will also allow us to execute our vision of making privacy-preserving data processing the norm rather than the exception. Data innovation shouldn’t come at the expense of privacy, and data protection regulations are not meant to bring data agility to a halt. 

Our short-term goal is to make privacy-enhancing technologies such as ours available, usable, and understandable by individuals at every level of the organization, from the data scientist and the data engineer to the Chief Data Officer and the CEO.

We will be improving the performance, flexibility, and usability of our solution. But we see this is as the beginning, as we aspire to support the privacy ecosystem's growth as a whole.

Indeed, I believe that not only synthetic data but privacy-enhancing technologies together will be crucial in unlocking tomorrow's data agility. We constantly welcome the opportunity to collaborate with complementary businesses to provide the most value to our customers.

I'm confident that the future will see more development around privacy technologies and synthetic data. Just in recent years, we have seen the demand increase drastically. Businesses are becoming more data-driven and mature in their data governance capabilities. At the same time, the need to secure data processes grows with the raising public awareness around privacy and the subsequent tightening of personal data legislations, encouraging enterprises to seek a privacy-first approach. Privacy by design and by default  is a significant shift, and technology alone may not be enough.

With this collaboration, Statice brings onboard a long-term trusted partner that accompanied organizations for years. We believe combining our strengths puts us in the best spot and can only benefit our customers.


With Sebastian and Mikhail, we founded the company with the firm belief that data is and will continue to drive our collective futures but that this future should not come at the cost of individual privacy. I still firmly believe that data helps us understand and solve many of the world's challenging problems, from fighting disease to combating climate change and addressing global inequality. I'm happy that we at Statice can make data use safer and more accessible while still protecting individuals' right to privacy.

With that said, it would be remiss of me not to mention how we got this far. Sebastian, Mikhail, and I had a vision, but we were privileged to receive support from a great number of people and organizations along the way. We benefited from wattx's vibrant community while developing our first prototypes and from their roof over our heads in the early days.

We received guidance and support to take those prototypes to market from the good people at Capnamic Ventures and WestTech Ventures. We received support through the European ProFIT program led by IBB and the European Data Incubator. And we were lucky to participate in programs that introduced us to our first commercial projects and reference clients, like the EU-funded open innovation program Data Pitch and the excellent Kickstart Innovation program in Switzerland. 

Our team has been instrumental in reaching today's success. They are the driving force behind Statice, continuously developing, implementing, and bringing innovation to life. I look forward to continuing down the path to safe and secure data agility together.

Omar Ali Fdal, CEO and co-founder of Statice

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